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Drazub Outpost

Helldivers Warbond Medal

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Congratulations Helldiver! This medal is just for you. (Please note - these images are just digital renders. Please refer to the "Challenge Coins" tab to see photos of our other coins/medals).

Forged with love out of the highest quality Beskar Steel in the Galaxy! Double sided design. Lightweight and durable with an antique gold plating. Measuring 2 inch in diameter and 4mm thick.

*Please note this is a PRE-ORDER item! Medals are currently in production and will BEGIN shipping April 16th, 2024. If your order contains a pre-order item, it will NOT ship until the pre-order item is available. Please note that this timeline is subject to change based on the production process. Your order may arrive sooner or later than projected. Thank you for your patience!*