Bright Suns Travelers! Welcome to Drazub Outpost

 Located on a neutral system and home to smugglers and collectors alike.

We hope you stay a while and find exactly what you’re looking for!

Made With Love In a Galaxy Far, Far Away.

  • The Founder

    Get an inside look at future products, our closest allies and frequent content posts from a Galaxy Far, Far away.

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  • The Maker

    Get an inside look at how our products are made, designed and created by us at the Maker Forge in the Outpost.

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  • The Incoming Transmission

    To check order status - please always refer to the email our service droid (S1-MP) sends out at the time of purchase. If there is a disturbance in the force or smugglers snag your loot - Please send us a transmission or contact us on our social media platforms.

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  • The Process

    All our products are forged with love in our Outpost based in the Phoenix area in Arizona. We're glad you found us! Let us know if there's something you'd love for us to offer. And who knows - maybe we'll see you the next time we’re both on Planet at Batuu West or East!

    A Look Inside